Thursday, February 21, 2008


I want to confess, but must not, about last night.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

corny jokes

Anak: Nay, totoo ba na "1st love nver dies?"

Nanay: Oo nman! Tingnan nyo yang ama nyo 1st love ko, hanggang ngayon

buhay pa ang hinayupak, d p mamatay n lng!


Attorney: Nsan k ng mangyari ang rape?

Witness: Sa maisan po!

Attorney: Anong gingawa mo don?

Witness: Tumatae po!

Attorney: Ilang hakbang ka mula sa krimen?

Witness: Pucha nman attorney! meron bang tumatae na pahakbang-hakbang?


Boy: Cno matapang?! Lumabas matapang jan!

Lalaking madaming tattoo: Ako matapang...! Bakit?!

Boy: Survey lng po.... O ung mga duwag nman ......




Son: Ma, bakit kayo tumatalbog sa ibabaw ni daddy??

Mom: Wala anak, pinapaliit ko lang tiyan ng Daddy mo.

Son: Nye! Mapapagod ka lang kasi hinihipan din uli yan ni yaya!


A black baby was given a pair of wings by a fairy....

Baby: does this mean im an angel??

Fairy laughs....

Fairy: Of course not! negrang 'to, ambisyosa! Paniki ka!


Nanay: anak, hindi ka ba nahihiya??! linis ako nang linis dito

tapos ikaw, naglalaro lang jan?!!

Anak: Nay, hindi ba mas nakakahiya kung ako ang naglilinis jan

at ikaw ang naglalaro dito?? toink...




Magkaibigan kumakain...

Pedro: Anong palaman ng tinapay mo?

Juan: Kiso!

Pedro: Kiso? Ano ka ba nakakahiya ka! Hindi yan kiso!

Chess yan.. CHESS!!





Prof : Who among you experienced having sex with a ghost??

Juan raised his hand...

Prof : Really?? How does it feel to have sex with a ghost?

Juan: Ay pucha! Akala ko goats!!




Wednesday, June 13, 2007

chin chin gutierrez according to kai huang

Photo by Kai Huang

I want to be like Chin Chin someday! :)

Bob Dylan wins arts award in Spain

Bob Dylan wins arts award in Spain

By CIARAN GILES, Associated Press Writer Wed Jun 13, 11:50 AM ET

Bob Dylan performs during the 2006 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, in this April 28, 2006, file photo. Iconic American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan on Wednesday June 13, 2007 was awarded Spain's Prince of Asturias arts award, one of the country's most prestigious honors.  Dylan, 66, has been one of the most influential popular music artists in recent decades.  (AP Photo/Jeff Christensen/FILE)
AP Photo: Bob Dylan performs during the 2006 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans,...

MADRID, Spain -

Bob Dylan was awarded Spain's Prince of Asturias arts award, one of the country's most prestigious honors, Wednesday.

"He's a living legend of popular music," said Jose Llado Fernandez-Urrutia, president of the prize's panel of judges.

Dylan, 66, has been one of the most influential popular music artists in recent decades, and is regarded by many as a poet. His hits include "Blowin' in the Wind," "The Times They Are a-Changin'," "Like a Rolling Stone" and "All Along the Watchtower."

"He's considered one of the most important figures of song, a form in which he combines, in a majestic way, the beauty of his poetry and ethical commitment," said the prize foundation in a statement.

"For this reason, his music and message have had an outstanding influence on several generations of young people."

Dylan, born Robert Zimmerman in Duluth, Minn., was ranked No. 2 in Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Artists of All Time in 2004, second to the Beatles.

His most recent recording, "Modern Times," on the Columbia Records label, entered the U.S. album charts at No. 1 one week after it was released in 2006.

"He pioneered the introduction of literature in popular music, bringing together for the first time European and Afro-American rhythms that were a decisive and revolutionary influence on later generations of musicians," the foundation said.

Eight Prince of Asturias awards are given annually in categories including arts, science, sports and humanities to Spaniards and foreigners alike.

They are announced during the year and presented each autumn in the northern Spanish city of Oviedo, capital of the Asturias region.

Last year's arts award was won by Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Moving the whaling debate forward

By the Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Palmer
By the Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Palmer

The debate over commercial whaling is brought to the table once again at the International Whaling Commission's annual meeting. But, Geoffrey Palmer argues in this week's Green Room, there may be ways to avoid the usual stalemate.

It is devoutly to be hoped that light rather than heat emerges from that discussion

Since the commercial whaling moratorium went into effect in 1986, more than 29,000 whales have been killed under objection and special permit whaling.

More at the Green Room

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

4 in the Morning

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scorsese to Rescue Lost Film Gems

Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese won an Oscar this year for his film The Departed

Oscar-winning film director Martin Scorsese is spearheading a new body aimed at salvaging neglected films.

Scorsese - who has made Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and The Departed - launched the World Cinema Foundation (WCF) at the Cannes Film Festival.

He was joined by a dozen top directors, including Stephen Frears, who will highlight homegrown films from their own countries worth rescuing.

But Scorsese said the WCF would focus on films from developing countries.

Scorsese told reporters he feared seminal foreign films could deteriorate or disappear entirely.

Foreign films on television... introduced so many different cultures to me and I found I was fed by those cultures
Martin Scorsese
"Coming from a working-class background in New York, my parents were not educated and weren't in the habit of reading books," the 66-year-old director said.

"So I saw a great deal of film on television in particular.

"This opened up a whole world to me, foreign films on television, and introduced so many different cultures to me.

"I found I was fed by those cultures, and I think the same thing has happened all around the world."

The Queen director Frears, who is chairing the Cannes award jury this year, added his voice to the call for the restoration of older films.

He said the British Film Institute (BFI) need more money to help maintain its archive.

"[It] is under-funded. It needs money. It's as simple as that. It's our lives, our culture. The government does not prioritise this highly enough."

'Important relics'

Cult Chinese director Wong Kar-wai - behind My Blueberry Nights, which opened Cannes this year - will also sit on the WFC board.

He said he had made a pet project out of hundreds of Chinese films he unearthed in a San Francisco warehouse two years ago and planned to bring them back to Hong Kong to restore as many as possible.

"They're just like orphans because they don't know who owned these copies," he said.

He called them invaluable relics of the waves of Chinese workers who left home for the US.

"Just imagine: before the Second World War, all these Chinese men, the immigrants working in the United States - they are not able to bring their wives, their families, they are lonely men in Chinatown and this is their only entertainment.

"And I think all these films have performed something very important, to link all the Chinese around the world because they have something to share."

word for the day - McJob

McJob - an unstimulating low-paid job with few prospects (Oxford English Dictionary)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

quoting Titit

Angel: Sa Macapagal nga P30 lang yung DVD's!

Me: Saan yung Macapagal?

Titit: Wag nyo sasabihin jan! Ipapa-raid nya yan! Wala na tayong mabibilhan!